A Guide to Finding the Best Holiday Video Games for Families on the Nintendo Wii

When it comes to family friendly video games, the Nintendo Wii is my favorite system. The console has rapidly become a family favorite as it is one of the few video game systems that can draw in family members who don’t even like video games. Whether it is enjoying a game of bowling or trying ski jumping, the Wii has an uncanny capable of attracting the attention of almost everyone.
Consequently, the Wii is a great choice for finding family video games. There are a number of existing titles out there that are family friendly video games in that they both appeal to all members of the family and are fairly harmless. One of the Wii’s strengths is that many of its games emphasize unique game play rather than the bloody and unique graphics that many systems emphasize.

In that spirit, here are six family friendly video games for the Nintendo Wii:

The Beatles: Rock Band – The Rock Band series has been one of the most popular video games of recent years and the latest release-The Beatles: Rock Band-is sure to continue the series’ popularity. The Beatles: Rock Band takes the elements that made the series enjoyable-mainly making it easy for anyone to be a rock star-and expanding on that game play by adding the music of one of history’s greatest rock bands. The game adds forty-five songs by The Beatles and succeeds as an incredibly enjoyable game for those familiar with The Beatles music (such as parents) and as a means of introducing a new generation to the music (such as their children). The game also can be used with a special set of Beatles-branded peripherals. Because of its appeal for both parents and kids, this is one of the many great video games for families.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii – One of the most popular video games for families this year will likely be the latest installment in Nintendo’s long running Super Mario Bros. series. The latest title is a bit of a throwback to Mario games of the past, with New Super Mario Bros. Wii being the first Mario title in several years to be a simple side-scrolling platform game. Of course, it features contemporary graphics and unique controls provided by the Wii remote (the controls blend traditional button pushing with moving the remote). The game offers multiplayer support for up to four players at a time, making it the first Mario title since the 1980s to have simultaneous multiplayer support. Given the popularity of past Mario titles, this game will be one of the top family friendly video games of the year.

Wii Fit Plus – The original Wii Fit is one of the most enjoyable titles for the Nintendo Wii. It offered a number of enjoyable exercise activities in video game form to encourage even the most ardent couch potato to start an exercise regimen. For the most part, it worked as the video game made exercising considerably more enjoyable while also making it easy to track your progress through an extensive profile system. Wii Fit Plus updates the original Wii Fit title by simplifying the profile system and adding a new way of tracking burned calories. In addition, there are new games such as skateboarding and cycling. It’s one of the many great family video games nor the Wii and it’s a great update to the original Wii Fit.

Cooking Mama: Cook Off – While an admittedly quirky title, Cooking Mama: Cook Off is a surprisingly fun video game and one of the best family friendly video games. The game’s unlikely premise-you are a cook-is surprisingly fun and the whole family will be laughing as members of your family use the Wii remote to prepare a wide variety of dishes by cutting, slicing, and dicing. The two-player game will probably most appeal to families with slightly older children, but it is a fun game nevertheless. If your family enjoys watching show such as Iron Chef or is looking for a truly unique video game, you can be sure they will enjoy Cooking Mama: Cook Off.

Mario Kart Wii – The original Mario Kart game for the Super Nintendo provided my family with hours of entertainment. Mario Kart Wii is no different-it’s one of the many great family video games for the Nintendo Wii. The game takes the classic elements of the original Mario Kart game-mainly great multiplayer game play-and enhances it with new graphics, new cars, new tracks, and a lot of other bells and whistles. As a nod to the classic Mario Kart games over time, Mario Kart Wii lets players race on all of the tracks featured in the old games. In addition, the game comes with the Wii Wheel accessory that turns your Wii remote into a steering wheel (additional Wii Wheels can be purchased if desired).

Super Smash Bros. Brawl – The Super Smash Bros. series has grown over time to become one of the most enjoyable multiplayer games around and the latest installment for the Nintendo Wii doesn’t disappoint. The game features imaginative new levels, a large selection of characters from classic Nintendo games (some of which-such as Kid Icarus-will surprise older games), and great multiplayer fun. It simplifies the classic fighting video game format by making the moves easier and reducing the violence (it is very cartoon-like), making the game a great choice for a family friendly video game. Moreover, the game has a ton of different options for customizing it, which provides a great value over time.