A Zombie Messed My Hair, I’m Going to London

Hello and welcome one and all.
For this little review I picked the oh so hyped Hellgate to write about.

I shall start by saying that I’m a really enthusiastic gamer, the kind you can’t stand when I like a game, but you really don’t hear me whining when I don’t.
Also, I like to think I only play good stuff, in every genre, but even more so in the rpg genre, be it with online or not.
I like immersion and good storytelling, and I have to admit that graphics DO matter, and also gameplay.

So, and because there’s already to many drama in most of the reviews I saw on Hellgate, I decided to make one, and be actually neutral.

So it all starts somewhere in the beginning of 2007 with one little video that went all over the web, it shows a cg video of Hellgate and presents two characters (one of them at least you can meet in game), well, I really liked the video and all, but I’m a mature gamer and I do know that “preview” videos have nothing to do with the game’s gameplay and final look. They are just sorta like concept art in video. So I waited, until finally they released the first in game video, and it was really impressive, it looked like they actually picked what they have learned and reinvented it, only way lot better.

Fast forward to the day I got the demo and my jaw really dropped, nothing REALLY impressive there, but I can say it was actually very good for a demo.
Good and intuitive gameplay, good level design (you get to play a couple of areas), interesting characters, the little wink to old Diablo fans (like me) right in the first station, all pointed to Hellgate as my newest and lasting addiction (I go through games like a madman).

Which takes us to launching day… Halloween 2007, a little earlier than I expected to be honest, but then again, I was glad my wait was over.
I grabbed my copy at EA store, my digital copy, with no special dye kits. I couldn’t avoid to feel a little excluded from this, “I want a dye kit to” thing. It was messy, and I’m far away from any of the places the mess happened. So I downloaded my copy from the EA store and fired it up, ready for an epic battle against the horde of demons swarming London.

And got really bored after a couple of hours.

Now, before you get all puzzled, let me explain.
Hellgate has everything to be a good game, and almost gets there.
It had problems at launch, yes, I kept getting disconnected after 5-15 minutes of playing online and sometimes crashed wile offline, yes.
Nothing that is not to common nowadays in the game industry.
But it is good, only not good enough for me.

The story is linear, except for the little twist at the end, and even that, hum.
The gameplay is simple enough, so simple actually it bored me a while after the second station.
The music is good, only none of it is catchy enough to inspire… anything (I disabled it a wile after).
My characters looked good from start to finish, that has got to be said (and the fact that female characters can have piercings it’s a plus 5 on my book).

And then there’s the new patch launched recently, which, as far as I know (and tried) squashed most of the bugs and gave subscribers a new area, and this is good, really good.
Means that the game is gonna keep growing after all, and maybe then those drama internet queens and wow fanboys can just shut up and go play whatever they like, and leave the good London defenders do their thing.

And maybe I’ll join them sometimes.

So, everyone that surprised I didn’t need to bash Flagship to make a review?