How to get the hack tool for enjoying the dragon city game?

Whenever you are interested in playing the online game to pass your free time, the dragon city game is available for you. Yes, this is the most interesting game and it offers the exciting features for the players to get the variety of benefits.  Of course, this game is nearly having a million of followers around the world. However, this game is even available for the mobile users and you can enjoy this game through your personal computer, iPhone, iPad, android mobile and even in the tablets. This is the main reason, why this game is getting huge recognition among the people. Added to these things, this game is also featured with the dragon city hack tool which is useful for enjoying the game in the well effective way.

Elements and habitats in the game

This dragon city game is having 12 kinds of the ordinary world essentials and all of them can be unlocked in the level by level.  In that manner, the levels are listed as follows.

  • Terra
  • fire
  • ocean
  • Nature
  • emotional
  • Ice
  • Iron
  • mysterious
  • brightness
  • fighting
  • Pure
  • marvel

As the same manner, there six kinds of the earliest world elements that is available for all the dragons. Of course, they are the beauty, magical, chaos, cheerful, vision and spirit.  Totally, there are 18 elements are available in the game and these elements can also indicate which of the habitats can be put in the dragon.  In fact, the dragons can live in these elements up t o four habitats based on the number of elements that the dragon has contained.

As the way, if the dragon has contained only one element, it can only live in one habitat and if it is two, then it can live in for two habitats. Of course, the dragons can level up by the eating the food in the form of three stages and they are as follows.


  • Baby stage
  • Teen stage
  • Adult stage

At the level 15, the dragons can be unlocked for attack in the combat.  In this manner, the game play of this dragon city is available.

 Use the hack tool for getting resources

Of course, the internet has offered the hack tool for the players to enjoy the dragon city game in the well effective manner. When you have used these dragon city cheats , you can get more resources for enjoying the game as you want. This hack tool is available on the internet without downloading it. If you want to use this hack, you need to open it and give your user name of the game.  After that, you have to mention the amount of food, gems and gold for your game play. Once you have mentioned those things, the resources will be generated on your gaming account. However, it is also possible to get the hack tool by downloading.  In this manner, you can use the hack tool for getting the resources of the game as you want.